H81 chipset vs i7 4770K

So, does H81 chipset limit i7 4770K at all?

I got an MSI H81M E33 V2 and plan to put my i7 4770K in it. There are some obvious disadvantages that this simple and cheap motherboard has. For example:

1) Only 2 SATA3 ports

2) PCIEx 2 instead of 3

3) Only 2 RAM slots

Is there anything else that you can think of in terms of limiting 4770K's performance? I realize that it is not a mobo designed with overclocking in mind, but it states that it has OC Genie 4 feature though.

I would appreciate your thoughts greatly. Thank you guys!

Well i would allways recommend to go with an Z87 board, wenn you wanne go with an unlocked K cpu, putting a i7-4770K on a cheap  board like that, is realy a waste in my opinnion. because oc feutures are allmost zero. also alot of feutures that contain in the chip, you can´t use.

Cheaping out on a motherboard is never a good idea in my opinnion.

Since you already have a H81, I would advise grabbing the 4770 non-k. Or maybe the 4670 non-k. Depends what you're using this setup for.

H81 and 4670 would be absolutely fine for gaming.

Agree, unless, he is planning to upgrade to a better Z87 board later on, then it could be an option to grab a K cpu. if not, then a K cpu is a waste of money.


Would be better for productivity. Since his H81 only has 2 RAM slots.