H80 vs H100

hello anyone who is reading this, i am writing this while eating dill pickles and i thought u should know that. I was looking into higher end water cpu coolers. I wanted to know if the h100 if worth the extra 30-40 dollars more than the h80. The h100 also has the badass element but I dont know if the performance difference would actually justify spending the extra cash. Also do you know of any common problems that the h100 and h80 have? Thank you in advance for any possible replies.

Here is a direct comparison of the two http://www.anandtech.com/show/5054/corsair-hydro-series-h60-h80-and-h100-reviewed/5

At stock clocks the H100 is about 2degrees C cooler then the H80, at OC the H100 is about 3-4 degrees C cooler then the H80. Is it worth it? It is honestly up to you if those few degrees make a huge difference in your current temps. Personally i would go with the H80, sure its louder but for 3-4 degrees difference i do not mind it.

the h100 will pull away from the h80 by a good margin when you start to oc and over volt the cpu

well i plan on getting an i5 2500k up to about 5ish ghz, was wondering if the difference would be more dramatic when overclocking at higher temps

Sir drdaleprechaun, check out the link i posted, they used a 2600k OC to 4.8ghz. Please read it, it is worth your time and for if you are going for 5ghz the 3-4C cooler temps may be what you need to reach it.

3-4 degrees... Not much, 5ghz is very capable on a H80 (if you have a good chip). Got a 2600k to 5.3ghz stable with a H80.

lol Sir John C, I checked out the link before, i didnt actually see the one where its oc'ed to like 4.8 ghz, but now I see it. I guess ill wait for the christmas sales and see if the price difference decreases between them. Thanx for the replies sir.