h55,kraken g10 vs arctic cooling accelero hybrid

hi guys im wondering whats better

 kraken g10http://www.dragonpc.co.nz/p.aspx?286316 ,  h55 http://www.dragonpc.co.nz/p.aspx?269636


i want to know whats cooler and whats cools the vrams the best.

do they fit a amd r9 290 propley like have the right heatsinks and stuff.

thanks for the help. 


Personally, I would advise against those all in one water cooling units for a GPU. Many people have expressed concerns when it comes to the cooling of the VRM and other components on the PCB. Also, it's not really worth it IMO. The r9 290/x don't overclock too well and they perform good enough for pretty much all recent games out of the box, a custom air cooler usually helps with the temperatures and noise levels. You should get an r9 290 with a good after market cooler, like the sapphire tri-x if you ask me.

i wish i did now i bought a refernce cooler at the time the tri x just came out but in new zealand it was $100 more so at the time i thought it wasnt worth it but now i wish i did or just got a gtx 770 with acx.

my gpu is loud and hot i just want it cool it better

Oh, okay. You could also look into custom air coolers for the R9 290, like the Arctic Accelero Xtreme III. Just make sure that they are compatible and that they will yield the right results. I'm still not convinced that an AIO water cooler is a good idea for a GPU, maybe someone else can help you with that.

ok thanks for the help