h100 VS RS360 WITH EXTRA 120 RAD

I didnt know where to post so im posting here. I have an h100 and I am going to upgrade to a custom loop. Im thinking rs360 with an extra 120 rad. how much of a temperature difference am I going to see from this on my 3570k? Reason I'm upgrading (so no one has to ask haha) is because I want to try to get to 5.0ghz. Im at 4.7 already with a 1.344 vcore. Thanks in advance

The best i could do is find you a reference bit of information on a H100 vs a custom loop here : http://www.overclockers.com/forums/showthread.php?t=706343

The cooling performance is quite better, the RS360 alone would probably max out that 3570k(CPU only loop) before the temps ever got to crazy. If you have the pockets and the willing to do it, get the biggest radiator you can shove in your case and go to town on that 3570k. The chip lottery will dictate how far your 3570k will be able to go long before your cooling will with that custom loop.

Thanks. I have an nzxt phantom full tower so I can only fit a 360 and a 120 or i would do just a 480