H100 size problem

Hi guys, I will very appreciate if you can answer my question! Will a Corsair H100 fit into my Apevia X-Trooper Series X-TRP-GN case?


Everyone says that radiator is too big for regular cases, so I want to be finally sure before purchasing it. Thanks!

The top inside of the case looks like it will allow the mounting, however... looking where the top of the mobo would be in the cutout area... you might not be able to actually fit fans inside with it... looks like a super tight fit. if you can remove the bottom HD rack then you might be able to fit it in there horizontally on the floor (vertically, not so much) but only if if there are stable mounting areas for that... your best bet... consult with newegg to have them try to check it out, they will def give you correct info on that. i had to do the same thing just this week for my NZXT 820 with an h100 push/pull specs. and heck you may not even need a dual fan rad depending on the type of OC ur doing and the other airflow you have setup. if it wont fit, try checking out some of the single fan rads to position on ur back fan exhaust area. just a thought. hope this helps.

Thanks alot for your information mate!