Guys, apps for Nexus 7?

I just purchased this tablet, what cool apps do you recommend for it ? Except the usual Flipboard and Angry birds :) Thanks

I have the Xperia play and there are some of the best apps i have

Dead trigger (Game)

StumbleUpon (something to find random stuff)

All-In-One- Toolbox (Useful tools)

Fing (A network app)

PPSSPP (PSP emuator)

Firefox (Broswer)


Thanks! the PPSSPP sounds interesting. did you root your device in order to install it?

The Bard's Tale has been out for a while now and it worth playing 


Fing, g-mon, AIDE, clean master, pcap capture, tune in, grooveshark, wattpad and kingston office


Aralon HD

Contre Jour

Dead Trigger

Eufloria HD

Heroes Call THD


Mass Effect Infiltrator

NFS Most Wanted


Osmos HD

Soulcraft THD


Useful apps:

AK Notepad - a very basic notepad

App Lock - a security app that locks any app you choose with a password

Aviary - great picture editing app

Easy Voice Recorder - a basic voice recorder, nice interface

Flipboard - if you're not familiar with it, it's a news aggregator, it pulls posts from news articles and social media

MX Player - a great video player that will play any damn format under the sun

PlayerPro - an incredibly feature-rich music player

Power Amp - another great music play. These two are the top music players on Android right now

QuickPic - great gallery app

SketchBook Pro - a drawing app

Solid Explorer - a must-have app, it's a file explorer with many different features and a great UI

SwiftKey Keyboard - an alternative keyboard with some great features and customization

Titanium Backup - ONLY IF YOU ARE ROOTED. Pretty much mendatory if you're going to be flashing ROMs



Apex Launcher & Nova Launcher - two of the best home screen replacements on Android.

Biomechanical Droid Live wallpaper - what it says

Buuf Guuf icons

DCikonZ - another icon pack

Desktop Visualizer - a tool for using pictures as shortcuts to apps or other things.

eWeather HD - one of the best looking widgets available

Home Manager - useful if you have many launchers

Ice / Inferno / Shadow Galaxy live wallpapers

Kub Icon Pack - what it says

MetroStation icons - Windows Phone style icons

UCCW - one of the best apps / tools for creating completely unique custom widgets

Zooper Widgets - an alternative to UCCW