Guidelines for Flashing r9 290 to 290x

Hey everyone


Do any1 have any guidelines for flashing this gpu and how to most likely get a flashable gpu?


Any idea on how to most likely get a flashable gpu?

normaly im not allowed to link to other community´s but there is an thread about it on overclock

But as far as i readed overthere are most cards  sapphire, asus and gigabyte cards failled the flash. most lucky you would get with a XFX or a Powercolor. From what ive read in that topic.

Thank you so much! :)
I will check it out and mayby order a xfx or powercolor then! :)

Do you prefer one of those over the other?

:( Unfortunately only a few batches were apparently unlockable, the rest are now laser cut because AMD is being mean... I always thought unlocking extra cores and stuff was awsome even though there was no guarantees...

i prefer the XFX over the powercolor, but its so wierd, because all those reference cards are basicly the same.

i hear that even some of the later production models are still unlock able.

Why can't you link to other communities? We are fairly new and small compared to [H], OCN, EVGA, and OC3D, so we don't have nearly as large or as complete of a resource bank when it comes to threads, guides, and such.