Guide to install 3rd Party cooler on R9 290(/x)


I'd like to request either Teksyndicate carry out a guide (how to video), on installing a customer aftermarket cooler onto an R9 290 / 290X. 

The following coolers seem to be the most popular & affordable options:

gelid Icy vision rev 2. -

Artics Accelero Xtreme III -

Alternatively, If anyone here in the community has a good link to a thorough guide or how to from another source, It would be hugely appreciated. This is the kind of guide / how to us avid syndicators really need, It is so easy for someone to screw up installing a custom cooler, and its especially worse when you consider the fact your warranty is voided as soon as you take your cooler off. 



Any thanks in advanced guys n gals,