GUI to control and monitor your AMD GPU in Linux with AMDGPU/AMDGPUPRO Drivers


As far as I know, AMD do not provide a GUI on Linux for my R9 Fury X/Fury/Nano Cards on Ubuntu 16.04LTS. I have asked when one will be available but I get no answer.

Does anyone know of a good working GUI solution to control and monitor my AMD cards?


What are you wanting to control?

Fan speed, GPU and mem clocks, monitor temps, would be good if I could control any other driver settings available from the GUI.

I am trying to move from Windows to Linux.
In Windows, AMD have Adrenaln Driver with Radeon Settings and ReLive Recorder.
In Linux, as far as I know, there is nothing similar to that provided by AMD.

I have tried Radeon Profile see here:

I managed to compile it, but it needs some more work.
It is not reporting GPU utilization, overclocks are applied to both GPU’s on my system, and there are a few other issues.


I have used for a long time now radeon-profile and it works for what I need it for (fan control mostly). There is a ppa with the latest version. Sadly the project seems to be dead now.

I read a while ago that AMD is bringing Wattman to the Linux kernel, so at the very least we will have GPU monitoring available soon.

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Thanks for the information. That link seems to be an attempt to package Radeon Profile in a way that easily installs and works in Ubuntu.

Here is a post on AMD Community Forum discussing the Radeon Settings GUI for Linux. No official answer as far as I know:

I just wish AMD would provide a basic working GUI to monitor and control my GPU’s. I don’t want to wait any longer. This has been lacking since 2016.

I am trying to contact the developer of Radeon Profile itself, to find out what is happening there.

Meantime here is a link to a better starting point to watch the above video, if you just want to look at the GUI menus:


I think initial Wattman work is being done for the 4.19 kernel, but sadly all cli based. Nothing preventing you from writing your own scripts, but a GUI would be cool.


Here is an update of the situation with Radeon Profile GUI.

The Radeon Profile GUI is still being worked on. The project is not dead.

It looks like a new Linux kernel patch will be released to expose GPU usage information in future:

“A patch has been submitted to expose GPU usage via Sysfs: It would likely appear in Linux 4.19.

I will keep watching and when the Kernel is available with the required patch and the Radeon Profile GUI code is modified I will test it and let everyone know here.

Issue with no GPU Utilization report in Radeon Profile summarised here:


AMD has released its 18.30 drivers for Ubuntu, RedHat and CentOS and says it includes some preliminary Wattman functionality via shell script. It appears you need to install it to actually see that script, and I have not done that.

(I installed 18.20 on Ubuntu and it crashed when I installed a mainline kernel, so I’m gonna assume these are keyed to the distros’ official kernel releases. Anyone know how they handle an update of one of those?)

I downloaded those 18.03 drivers to take a look at them whilst I was running Fedora 26 Server - They won’t install in that version of Linux. I just wanted to look and see what the script contained. I have not had time to look at it.

RE: (I installed 18.20 on Ubuntu and it crashed when I installed a mainline kernel, so I’m gonna assume these are keyed to the distros’ official kernel releases. Anyone know how they handle an update of one of those?)

I am running 18.10 Drivers on Ubuntu 16.04LTS. I have run kernel updates and the drivers still worked fine. I have also managed to set up ROCm and Vulkan SDK. It was difficult to get to the point where the 18.10 drivers worked with the ROCM install (it took a couple ROCm updates) and the Vulkan SDK (1 version update) . There were problems in the installation instructions, errors in ROCm and Vulkan SDK files that I had to edit myself and report back to AMD support.

I came to the conclusion that the 18.10 drivers, had not been tested with the specified ROCm, and Vulkan SDK versions in the driver install instructions from AMD and proven to be installing and working together properly by AMD. They keep telling me to go to Github for ROCm or Lunar G to sort out problems or issues with the AMD install instructions.

Once I have finally got it all running I am very reluctant to attempt another Driver update to 18.30. It has been like wading through treacle just to get it all set up and working.

I think I will purchase a new hard drive, and do a fresh install of Ubuntu 18.04 and try the 18.30 drivers on that. I will let you know what I find. At first guess they have probably installed a script which wraps around the rocm-smi utility, I have used that, it can be used to set fan speeds, clock states etc.

Are you familiar with rocm-smi?
If not I will point you to the documentation.