GUI Solutions With Java

Okay, so I've been given an assignment in university, where we need to actually develop and design our own GUI with our Java applications. However, our lecturer hasn't shown us any possible solutions, I mean I would suggest using HTML, as I have a tiny bit of web development experience. But I'm aware that browsers are going to or already have stopped supporting Java all together, so considering that, I won't be using HTML & CSS as a solution to my GUI.

I know that there are some classes that you can just call in Java, IF I'm not mistaken, however I'm also pretty sure that in order to use these built in classes you need to import them into your own class(es). Can you guys recommend the easiest solution for implementing a GUI into my Java application? I'm currently using a command line interface just to make sure that it really does work on the back-end. Which so far with my implementation, it works just fine, I experience no bugs at all as of yet.

I mean it would be nice to implement a GUI in a simple fashion, if possible, I mean I don't need anything fancy or anything really advanced, I was just going to go with a simplistic design anyway, just because of personal preference. Like with websites, I love simplicity, I know it's an extreme, but that's a part of the reason why I love it doesn't get more simplistic. Other than of course, but the original is a bit too bland for my personal liking, although it does raise some good points.

=== EDIT:

I see that Eclipse and Netbeans have some nice tools for building a GUI, but how easy are they to use and are there any easier solutions?

The simplest thing that is taught in most programming courses is building a simple calculator. Netbeans has some tools to do that.

You design the calculator by a drag and drop (if my memory serves me right I haven't made one in a long while) and then assign each button to do something.

Yeah I've done that sorta stuff with Visual Basic before now, was very easy to do, but I was just wondering if there are tools like that available to Java, from what I've looked up, it appears so. I'm quite sure that Eclipse has either a plugin or a feature that allows you to drag and drop stuff, then assign events to the buttons.

But I need to implement a program that's basically the foundation of Facebook/Skype, you can video chat, send messages, add friends, etc. I've got a LOT of the back end features working, not all, but I'm getting there, I just need to add some form of GUI.

Scroll down this page and there is alot of info on how to make a GUI in Java.
Its not as easy as drag and drop, but youll get the hang of it!

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