Guess the purpose

i'm kinda curious as to how well the members here know the general hardware combinations for intended applications, and I put together a parts list that I might build this summer/fall.

so, can anyone figure out the intended application(s) for this build?

the member(s) who get the correct answer wins 5 Internets, and reputation boost.

hint: there may or may not be more than one purpose for this system.


note: the AS5 I already have, and the RAM will be coming out of my main rig once I upgrade to 16g of ram.


edit: *facepalm* forgot the link:


Do you want people to also guess the components in the build in addition to the intended uses?

It would help if you gave us the parts list.

That's the real challenge.


Maybe that is the point. It is a trick question... He isn't even building a computer...

I'm guessing the second use is configuring builds in PCpartpicker for poor unfortunates of this forum.

It is for slapping children.

And the third use is porn.

Low end CPU, three high-hash GPUs, on a mobo with 3x full x16 slots; some mining, I'd guess LTC, since the GPU hashing is so much better now.

i'mma go with folding as mining was already said

edit: and porn

Some kind of mining; lite coin, feather coin, though not bitcoin. Perhaps for downloading, torrents and making back ups. That storage setup is confusing me.

If this is the case, why the fans and fast RAM?

yes, that's part. but the CPU isn't THAT low-end. i mean, the kaveri a10's are gonna be 8-cores... which may be of use if I start streaming alot... or if I want to cpu fold with it, lightly...

Fast memory for the onchip GPU, since I assume it will also be mining or Folding.

The fans are for airflow; three GPUs and a CPU at 100% will get hot. Also the reason he got a semi-open test bench-style case.

amd hasn't announced any octa-cores, their flagship is a quad

I've never done any folding before but when I was mining I noticed very little utilization of my VRAM, never really went above 100Mhz.

I was a little unclear on the fans; it is the quality of them that is moreover confusing me. I personally would get some cheap crap and leave it where no one would hear it. 

If you have a source for 8-core Kaveri, I'd love to see it (also, I'd buy it). The biggest I know they've announced is a 4-core.

ok, close enough. it's a combination NAS/FTP server, and mining rig, with perhaps a bit of CPU folding on the side. plus heating.

however, due to moneys, i'll probably only buy 1 of the 280x's at first, if that. depends on how much I have left over after I get a 16gb kit for my main, and a 280x for my main. depends on how much I make over summer vacation.

as for the rest, I already have the ram, it's in my main rig, the fans should be explained by the purpose. 2 140mm static pressure fans in the front to push the air between the cards, move the stock 120s, 1 to the back, one on the outside, and the 200mm on top. will be pretty quiet, as I probably will keep it with me in my dorm, so there's not a "place where nobody will hear it".

I chose the APU because of the low price, cheap atx mobos, and so I can eek some more hashrate outta the integrated gpu.


whether or not I actually do build this depends on whether altcoins are still worth mining this summer.

Who was closest then?

I remeber seeing it somewhere that it was an octocore, I think it was the roadmaps, but maybe i'm wrong. whatever. doesn't matter much to me.