GTX750 OC 2GB vs GTX750Ti - is the price difference worth it?

So I'm torn between these two cards:

GTX750 OC 2GB:


GTX 750Ti:


In my country the price difference is of about 35 dollars, which may not seem much to some but for a student like me, it's quite a big difference. So I was wondering if the difference in price is worth it?

The specs are fairly similar

-core clock: 1059 vs 1189

-memory size: 2GB GDDR5 both

-memory interface: 128-bit both

The biggest difference seems to be the memory clock: 5000 vs 5400


I can't find any decent comparisons between those two particular versions, I know the regular 1GB GTX750 is quite a bit weaker but this one seems very similar.


So what do you guys think? Anyone with experience with these cards can tell me if the difference is justified? Which would you get if every buck was important to you?


Additional question: I now have a HD7750 (750mhz, 1GB GDDR5), is either of those two cards a decent, worthwhile upgrade? Will I notice a big difference? For instance one of the games that I love playing is Skyrim. My HD7750 does fairly well on medium settings, but I can't put any of the visual mods on it or the framerate drops drastically, would one of those cards fix that?


Additional additional question: Would I be better off buying a used card like an HD7850? I'm quite sceptical of the used pc-part market due to how fragile most components are but I have no experience with it in reality.

It would be helpful to know which country you are from, and which retailer you intend to buy from. The 750-Ti is noticeably faster than the 750 because it has significantly more CUDA cores and TMU's in addition to higher clock speeds. Also, with GDDR5 memory, speed is effectively quadrupled, and manufactures advertise the effective speed because it's bigger - The actual memory speed difference is 100MHz, so not that much difference there. But at the price range you pointed out (~$165), there are much better values to be had, such as the R9 270x, which I found for $170, and will blow the 750-Ti out the water. Here, in the U.S., you could find the 750-Ti as low as $130, the same price as the 750 you pointed, so it's a no-brainer there. But AMD strikes back with a similar performance R7 260x at $120, although I did find one on newegg for $105. 

Ultimately, there is no bad GPU, only bad prices, and in the States, AMD typically has better price/performance ratios, but prices fluctuate and vary from place to place, and time to time.

I'm from Belgium :) the retailer I always buy from is (A chain that started in germany and offers a wide variety of products along with great service)


the Gigabyte GTX750 OC 2GB is priced at 120€ (143$)

EVGA GTX 750 Ti = 150€ (178$)

XFX R7 260x = 115€ (137$)

Sapphire R7 265 = 150€ (178$)

The R9 270 for both Sapphire and XFX is at 160€ (190$) and really stretching what I had in mind for a budget XD


I'm usually also an AMD guy, but from reading Newegg and other fora it seems the R7 cards have a lot of Black Screen issues, so I'm kind of sceptial this time around :P


My country doesn't really have a whole lot of retailer options, Alternate is by far the best shop. There is also a local shop called Forcom, which used to be great 10 years ago but are more expensive with a more i-dont-give-a-damn service.

Other than that its online retailers like

ebay ships almost every product globally unless stated in the description. so you may want to check there first. the only draw backs are how strict customs is in your country and higher shipping cost. 

any shipping service thats part of EMS [ie: usps(the united states) and bpost(Belgium)] will usually be the cheapest.


as for the gpu's I'd say it's not worth the price difference considering it can be overclocked to to same level. you may even be able to flash it with a 750 ti's firmware if you want the OC to be permanent.unless your doing something that you need extra cuda cores for.

In terms of general performance, it's 750<750-T~=260x<265X. With that said, it seems the 260x is the best value by a comfortable margin, and will be a noticeable upgrade from a 7750.

On a side note, Tom's Hardware ranks the 7750 and 5830 on about the same level, and I was able to get a pretty decent experience out my old 5830 from Skyrim, however, my card was also an overclocking beast. Also I traded it for a 650, so I won't be able to tell you how it runs Skyrim with today's mods. In both cases, I believe I was running a community developed Hi-Res texture pack, with realistic/advanced lighting effects. The trick is to keep MSAA down, as that has a large impact on performance, and just stick with post processing AA, such as FXAA.

One last thing, and probably most important (didn't look until after I typed everything else), I found an R9 270 for 134€ at Amazon

I'm thinking that will be your best bet. You could opt for the 270x, but I don't think it's worth the 16€. The 270x and 270 are already very similar in performance, especially if you overclock the 270.

The 10 euros more for the R9 270 is absolutly worth it, the Pitcairn gpu is unlocked and you can easily clock it past the 270x. I cant recall the  HD 7870 (270\270x) had problems with black screen back when they was relast. 

yeah I saw the same one on amazon today as well :) hope this deal stays a good while cuz I don't have the money for it right now (I'm the kind of person that likes to research stuff a bit in advance so I don't do impulse-buys that I'll regret later XD)

Well for 10€ extra the 270 is worth it .

If you want , I'm belgian ( NW of brussels ) and have a GTX 770 I would willing fully sell to you ( I prefer giving it at a lower price to tek members than a random dude off ebay ) 

thx man I'm from Antwerp :)

Unfortunately, as I posted a bit earlier, I don't have the money right now I'm just doing the research. Don't know when I'll be able to buy it either, hopefully soon but it'll probably be around mid march when its my birthday :)

Yeah sure sorry didn't look at them all .

Here are some sites that ship to belgium , have good customer service ( most ) and aren't too expensive .


Just hit me up when you want to buy , I will probably be looking to sell my 290 :D

I currently am trying to sell my 770 and H97 + xeon 


Good luck

Damn how many GPUs do you have lol :P but yeah thx man i'll keep this post bookmarked as well as your links

I built pc's for friends over Xmass :D

Send me a PM when you build it , or check my B/S/T thread ( need to update it )