GTX660Ti Upgrade?

Hello fellow Tek Syndicate members,

My question is pretty straight forward and simple, should I upgrade from a 660Ti to an R9 290x or 780? Currently I have looked over the 290x/780 very carefully and see that both cards drastically out perform my card in bandwidth, and memory alone. I want to have a card that lasts up to 3-4 years before being replaced and can support the next generation of unoptimized games if possible.

As a side note do you guys think that mantle will make a difference at all or is it just going to be another failed attempt to bypass DirectX?

Thank in advance everyone.


The specs say it all, grab a 290x. But wait for the better cooling options of coarse. The 280x has the same bandwidth and interface as a 780 (288gbps, 384-bit,3gb) so if you want to save some money go that route.

I'm hoping for a 10-20% performance boost from mantle but some are expecting more. But I think the game developers will decide how good it is. 

id say wait till this coming January as Maxwell will come out and that should be a good jump in performance, but it not what really what Royal said is just fine to.

The 290x is the better of the two, alternatively you could save yourself some money and grab a 290 which has a small performance hit for a more affordable price. 

GTX 780 is the better card.  It's $50 cheaper, significantly quieter, cooler, draws less power, and it's faster when overclocked.  It also comes with three games right now.  I'd grab one of the EVGA ACX models.


Thanks for the recommendations, I was going to wait until January anyway to decide. Hopefully by then ATI will have better coolers and we will get to see what mantle is all about. Nvidia cards are really my second choice option any way, I love their driver support but they hurt my wallet and better use of openGL is nice in ATI cards.

I must google maxwell since this is the first time I have heard of it. , there is some more info out there but those are the key points right there