GTX660 or GTX 760

Is it worth the extra money?

Is it worth it? That's up to you really. If I were you, I would look up the benchmarks for both of those cards on the games the types of games you want to play with them and decide if you want to spend the extra $55 or $60. Also, I'd look at the AMD R9 270x. That's around $250 and it's pretty new. Personally, I would go for the best card I could afford, because when I build a system I don't want to upgrade it. I like to have it "fully upgraded" from the start and just build a new system after that no longer suits my needs.

Cool so i've decided on the GTX760 thanks for the feedback

i have a 760 and it maxes out almost any game. Im running skyrim 276 mods and realvision enb with 40 fps.

Nice I should be getting mine within a week or so