GTX SLI vs. GTX & Quadro

I need help with an argument please.........   A friend of mine has made the statement that you can run a GTX and a Quadro graphics card in the same rig at the same time.  I don't know enough about this to argue that point, and would love some feed back on it, such as why you would even want to do that.  My argument was, that running two GTX 780 or newer would be a better all around option.  


Thanks as always guys 

Yes you can run both - usually this is done if you need a gpu for 'gaming' and a workstation card for 'work'.  This is different to sli as the cards will operate independently from one another.  As far as 2x 780's in sli being better - that would depend entirely on what you are doing with them and the two cards that would be used if you went with a quadro and standard gpu

oh, so it wouldn't work like the GTX doing the high performance rendering and the Quadro taking care of the color and really fine details, the physics part of the work load then.   


So for a gaming machine your better off running a SLI GTX system, but for building a Mac killer then run a Quardo for video editing.   

Can you even run two workstation cards in a sli configuration.  


Once again, thanks for all of the help.  


Not really. You would have 2 drivers and you would need to tell each program what to use (if it allows something other then default most dont.) 

A year ago me and friend wondered the same thing because we read stuff online so we stuck in a k5000 with a gtx. And only with our 3d rendering software we had could make the change. Typically having the two in one machine is useless, you could probally write a simple script to help change the drivers but you would have to manually change to the one you wanted 

PS you don't need a quadro for video editing since almost all renders have cuda optimization. Just need something with allot of vram


Sort of, What a lot of users including Linus do is they have a high end Quadro and a high end Geforce card sitting side by side. The Quadro powers all the screens for when he needs acurate colour reproduction and depending on software provide better colour reproduction in renders yet the Geforce card will do a lot of brute force work. A common match is a Quadro 4000 matched with a titan. It really depends on the software. Some will make good use of both while others will make good use of the quadro but not perform as expected with the geforce card while some software will make use of both to their fullest capacity.

Thanks Guys,  its amazing how quick and fast everyone is at helping out on the community.  I wish I had the funding to play around with a nice Quadro and a titian together, but I don't.  So thanks with all the info