GTX 980Ti, my PSU got enough power?

So im saving all my pocket money for this card.

It has a requirement "Minimum Recommended PSU:600 W"

I currently have a ThermalTake Toughpower Grand 750w 80+ Gold (click for specs) in my system.

I made this post thinking I had the 650w version, actually forgetting I had the 750w LOL.

But I would like to still make sure now, if this has enough juice to run the GTX 980Ti and 2 monitors?

Thanks in advance :>

Yes lot of head room.

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Gravy baby, thats how I like it :>


You could get away with 500 watts in a pinch, 600 watt would be easy, 750 is a walk in the park.
Unless you're running some crazy dual xeon board with 40+ cores and 50 hdds you're fine.

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I always like to have more than I need., for one day I might.

monitors dont run off a psu champ.
but yes that psu is more than enough to run such a gpu.

This is true, lol I dont know what I was thinking (or not thinking lol).

I guess my mind was in the space of Power / GPU / Monitors and just put them all together. Oh well.

At least now im assured and I very much look forward to getting this card :>

Thanks guys.

If you didn't have two monitors I would say yes. The second monitor is just too much for your psu.