GTX 970 vs GTX 780 ti for 2560x1440 gaming

Hey guys im upgrading my current system and was wondering what would be the best option for 1440p gaming, I'm using a 4670k for my cpu and a corsair 750 rm for my power supply. What would be the best option based on performance alone, not taking into consideration TDP or fan noise, thanks guys!

780 TI. 

The 970 is slightly faster than a 780 and the 980 is slightly faster than a 780 TI or about the same depending on the benchmark. 

Looks like the 780 Ti is generally faster. The 970 is usually cheaper though by ~$100 I believe so that is something to consider.

The 970 is the replacement for the 770, the 970 performs just a little under a 780 (but has more Vram) and a little above a R290. The 970 is basically priced to crush the R290, which it does. The 980 is really what you would need for a good experience at 1440p and for a great experience you need SLI or Crossfire on the high rez side of gaming. Chip-sets haven't really caught up to gaming above 1020p yet. That being said the 980 is a great card, its faster than a 780 and faster than a R290x. The 980 realistically sits right above 780Ti performance levels but it has more Vram (which you will need for 1440p or above) and the 980 has room to grow as drivers mature.

All that being said, the R290x has come down tons in price and is only about a -20% difference in performance from the 980. Too top that off, at higher rez the R290 and R290x narrow that gap; with high end R290x's beating stock 980's at 4k resolution in some games. 

As such, I would recommend a 980 or a 290x depending on how much you want to spend. The 980 performs a bit better in almost every way, but, are expensive; while a 290x is a powerhouse in its own right, and has the Vram you need as well as giving you lots of bang for your buck. 

I agree, the 290X is a steal at its current price.

4GB Vram isn't necessary for 1440p. It won't really help unless you want to run ridiculous AA (SSAA, etc). 3 from a 7xx series is more than fine, but with that said, in OP's situation a 970 is probably the best choice if on a budget (which I'd assume he is). With a 750w it's probable to run 2 970s later down the road if wanted. The 290x dropping in price is good, but I think the 970 edges a little in price/performance just from most people not needing to buy a new PSU for SLI potential. 

The 970 is the better GPU. The additional VRAM is important for future proofing. Since the new generation of consoles has a lot of memory PC ports are going to be VRAM hungry. Watch Dogs already bottlenecks on the amount of VRAM avalible. Many reviewers stated that the gameplay experience was superior on the 970 compared to the 780ti. because it had adequate VRAM and the game did not bottleneck. The 970 also has lots of cool secondary features like a hardware h.265 video encoder.

Id grab a 970, just for the extra vram. An oc'd 970 > stock 780ti.

I'd grab the 970 because it'd be better for SLI later.

GTX970, very similar performance to GTX 780, overclocks to perform comparable to 980 (non/oc) which just edges out the 780ti. But it is fully DX12 compliant and has lots of new features like MFAA which should help make up the difference. Plus its DX12, plus you can sli later. Overall performance will be very similar. 

Wait until the 8GB cards are available then buy 870 or 980 depending on your budget then. My largest grype with the 700 series was the lack of vram. People said I was bonkers when i said 3GB's was not enough. Well I was right.

Although I do hope nvidia gets a wider memory interface width.  8GB all through a 256-bit interface is a bit sketchy.

It is but we need more vram. At least if you want a bit more headroom it will be fine.

The 970 is a great card, it will do 1440p gaming quite well. And it's definitely more power-efficient than the 780ti.

The only limitation to the Maxwell GPUs in high-resolution gaming is the smaller memory-bandwidth. That's why the 780tis are faster here. The best bang for the buck in 1440p is indeed the R9 290X. It has come down in price by a lot, and with its 512-bit memory interface it really scales well at those higher resolutions.

Not useful unless in SLI though..

Hey guys, was thinking of doing this build! Please critique it if you can!

Really keen on doing some proper pc gaming @1440p as my Msi GT70 OND is aging badly with its GTX 675m chip :/

So is the Sapphire Tri-X 290x a good deal at $500? I might be willing to give up Shadowplay and the power efficiency of the Maxwell architecture for better scaling in 1440p, because I'm aiming for 1440p performance with my next GPU upgrade. I'm just torn between getting that 8gb 290x, a 4gb 980, or waiting for the 8gb 980s to come out.


If the 980 performs much better in normal circumstances, I might just go with one of those instead, provided I can find any in stock.

Build looks great, but you really should make your own forum post than trying to hijack someone else's.

No, not at $500.

But for $299

oh boy is that wrong. The amount of times I have hit 3gb cap in 1080p. even 4gb's is not enough for what I need.