Gtx 970 msi hitching

hey there, ive recently been noticing some hitching in some of the games as i play like world of warcraft and gta v. I am running a q8200 at 2.3ghz with 8gb of ddr2 ram on a asus ipibl-lb motherboard. is the cpu the problem (bottlenecking)?

Its definitely a cpu bottleneck. Check your gpu usage when playing gta-v. I'm sure it won't be close to 100%.

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your cpu cant keep up with the gpu. your cpu did well, now time to say good bye. check this out or maybe intel if u have more budget ! slap in an ssd if u dont have one.

Thanks very much for your help ;) i am actually planning to get something a little more powerful than that soon ( and as for the ssd i already have a 850 evo which is also limited in performance due to the mobo :P just wanted to make sure the cpu was the problem

Your 970 will be jumping for joy when you get those new parts. As good as the old 775 quads are they definitely hold back beefier gpu's.

oooh cant wait :D planning to oc the 4690k to 4.5ghz and then eventually get a second set of 8gb ram and another 970 when my income allows for it, im sure in for a treat aint i?