GTX 970 4GB or 8GB

Hello members of Tek Syndicate

I am looking to upgrade my old old graphics card an GTX 460 ready for the release of one of favourite games GTA V this January.

I am looking to get a GTX 970, but should I wait for the 8GB version. My computer spec are

Motherboard      Gigabyte GA-Z87X-OC

Processor          Intel i7 4770K

Memory              G.Skill 16GB @2400mhz

I game at 1080p TV at the moment, but will be upgrading later on this year to a 4k TV (hopefully). Any help is much appreciated! Thank you very much!






I would probably wait for GTA V to come out to see how much VRAM its going to use at 4K then decide from there.

I don't think that the 970 is really powerful enough to deal with 4K. I don't think memory size is the issue. The 900 Series cards struggle at higher resolutions. Their narrow memory buses hurt them. Texture compression tricks can only get you so far. Plus 4K gaming, even with a 970, isn't spectacular. You need multiple GPUs.

Personally, I would wait. The RX 3XX series are dropping soon and rumors say that the memory bandwidth and speed are gonna be immense. Really targeting 4K. Then there is the 980 Ti. You're prob gonna need something like that to get a satisfactory gaming experience on one GPU. Wait until GTA V drops and see.

People seem to be having a pretty good time running 4K with a GTX 970 4GB with medium to high settings. The CPU won't be much of a bottleneck for either variant of the 970 either. If you're wanting it to last as long as your 460 however and don't mind spending what I'm guessing will be an extra 100-200USD for the extra VRAM, go it.

Well here is an update as far as recommended specs for GTA V.

At 4K I think it might be handled well by the 970. Again I would definitely recommend waiting for 4K benchmarks.