GTX 780 vs R9 290

The issue here is simple-- yet it has a catch: I want to decide between the GTX 780 and the R9 290; however, if I buy the 290, I can get a 1080p monitor with it as well. Saldy, the R9 290 is a reference card, so thermal throttle and noise are concerns. Right now I have a monitor at 1366x768(my 1080p bit the dust.) So, simply put: the R9 290 allows me to afford a 1080p monitor; whereas, the GTX 780 does not or, at least, the 780 does not initially. Also, I think it is important that I state I have no allegiance or prevelant lust for either AMD or nvidia.

Go for the 780 if you plan to stay at 1080p. The 290x however will perform a TON better at 1440p and 4k though, so purchase accordingly.

Even if I cannot game at 1080p initially?

Yeah. If you plan on staying at 1080p, the 780 is the better investment even if that means you will have to wait to afford a new monitor. If it were me in this situation, I would actually just save until I could get a decent 1080p monitor AND the 780 at the same time. That is, unless you don't have a GPU right now. Then you should get the 780 now. It's really more up to you. I personally like nVidia over AMD because reference card to reference card, the nVidia ones are WAY quieter and much more stylish in my opinion. Obviously that doesn't matter to everyone though.

Are you talking about new or used cards here?

I mean they don't make the 780 anymore and nVidia is nerfing it newer titles.
Do not get a reference 290X at all. They are poop.

In most titles though, even at 1080p. the 290X is faster. Even the 290 is faster in most titles.

Thanks, your advice really helped. I believe I will be throwing the 780 into my build.

Both are the graphics cards are used, but the nVidia card still has a warranty that can be transferred over to my name-- the nVidia is the EVGA acx edition.

How much is the 780?

You can get a brand new R9 290(X) for not that much. It is a faster card than the 780. Plus it is better for higher resolutions

$275 shipped for the 780

USD? If so that is a pretty bad deal.

You can get a brand new non reference R9 290 for $220....

A brand new non reference 290X is $278...

I mean you could spend more for a used 780 which will be slower in most titles but....

Okay, can you link me the 290 and 290x?



This is another 290. Prob the best 290 available.:

lately its 780 on par with 280x(7970), :)

  1. Never touch a reference 290 or 290x.
    At 1080p
    780acx >= 290x vaperx > reference 780 > reference 290x > 290 trix > reference 290
    above 1080p
    290x vaper x >= 780acx >= 290 trix > reference 780 >= reference 290x > reference 290.

The reference cooler really is that bad. at 1080p the 780 scales better for the most part. above that it depends on how the games optimised. Nvidia optimised the 780 and 290x vaer x will do about the same. AMD optimised the 290 trix and 780 acx will do similar.

Reference coolers on AMD's side arnt worth looking at. Nvidia side only worth it if your going to custom water cool(I would still recommend a classified if watercooling) or you really do save some money.

Better off buying the 780 if you plan to stick with 1080p. But do realise you will need a bit more cash. The 290 reference is a pile of crap due to its cooler. Dont touch them unless again watercooling

As someone who has owned both cards and ran them side by side, The 280x does not compare what so ever to the 780. Not even close

But the used 780 he wants to buy is more expensive than a brand new Windforce 290X. It makes no sense.

Plus, according to Anandtech, the 290X is ahead almost everywhere.

Slightly updated benchmarks

You also get more VRAM with the 290X. Even if he only played 1080p games forever buying that used 780 fo rthat much money is a dumb idea.

Agreed. The 780 was designed to one up the 7970/280X and it does quite handily. The 280X is more on par with a 770.

When comparing AMD and nVidia 700 series it goes like this:

270< 270x< 760< 280<770<280X<780<290<290X<780 Ti

between the 780 and 290x at 1080p, its all down to preference. In older titles its much more debatable than newer titles. In newer titles 290x tends to win out. But if you look at raw computer performance the 780 and 290x are very close. The 780 tends to have more overclocking headroom so thats what I would go for if I was chosing between the two. It all depends on optimisation of the game and cooler. My 780 classified will give any 290x a run for its money even at 1440p. Comparing a 780 to a 280x is idiotic and tends to point towards fanboysm.

When it comes down to comparing the 780 with the 290 and 290x, it really comes more down to the cooler and the game. Quite often in benchmarks the 780 is reference while the 290 or 290x is running a saphire cooler as the stock one is so crap.

ether way, OP needs to take a real look at the market in his country. There is no one answer and he also needs to decide what features he needs and wants.

one note, my 780 is overclocked to just shy of 780 ti reference territory. While my 280x at the time was sitting at 96 degrees c with no headroom to overclock.

I was agreeing with you about the 280X comparison...

OP looked in his market. A USED 780 is the same price as a new Windforce 290X.

Speaking as someone who owned a non reference 780 and non reference 290 and 290Xs, the better deal here is with the 290/X. Even if his 290X doesn't overclock worth a shit.
In the benchmarks on Anandtech that I posted the 290X is reference.

only if its not a reference card unlike what OP mentioned.