Gtx 780 not detected by nouveau


i tried two distros so far opensuse and fedora (im not happy with them so i will change again)

i dont get 3d acceleration, i cant set my resolution (its 1080p pre set) second screen or refreshrate (its 60, 0 in settings, i need 120)

when running: "dmesg | grep -i chipset" i get: "unkown kepler chipset"

this guy:

seems to have the same problem with the 780 ti and the Titan.

the prop. drivers work perfectly, and it also works with windoze.

is there any fix for this or do i have to wait till its fixed?

Well you do know in advance that nVidia doesn't work on linux.

With relatively new distros (kernel less than a year old), there will always be problems like screen tearing, stuttering, crashing, etc... with the proprietary nVidia drivers, that is IF the driver modules even compile in the kernel.

If you want a decent experience with nVidia cards, stick with Debian stable, maximum kernel 3.8, proprietary drivers, and don't ask too much.

If I had a GTX780, to be perfectly honest, I'd be using Windows, that's what it's for.

Don't expect good nouveau drivers within the first couple of years. nVidia will fight open source as long as it can.

Have you tired the Offical Nvidia drives they just released new drives for linux.