Gtx 770 or gtx780

So i was told i was wrong in saying that the gtx 780 was a more powerful card, and that the gtx 770 was better as a single card. was also told that the gtx 780 was only a better card when you had more than one card.


there fore now i am confused. price to performance in 1080p i could understand, if that is what the person i was talking about was referring to, but that was not said. So if this is true please explain. because i thought benchmarks did not lie, and when i brought up benchmarks he said it still was better....

The GTX 780 is better in every possible way and will be faster in game. That being said, for the most part, a 770 should be able to max pretty much every game at 1080p. 

According to PCPartpicker, there is about a $180 difference between the two cheapest cards. I'd say the 770 is prob a better value. 

A GTX 780 is clearly better in every situation, though the practical difference might not be huge in most of todays games at 1080p. I'd recommend the GTX 780 if you are looking to buy a card that you are likely to stick with several years. If on the other hand you wouldn't mind getting a new card in say 18 months then a GTX 770 might be a good way to save some cash for other things.

Whoever told you that is gravely uninformed and deserves this:

Thank you Very much