GTX 770 Help

Hey guys i just built a new system with a Asus GTX 770 and i have been having many driver troubles. I have tried all the drivers including 320.49 but i still cant play games without them artifacting and crashing (besides FTl and Minecraft). I have read that this is a common problem and you really cant do anything to fix it until the new drivers come out. But i was wondering if anyone has a workaround to this problem. All help is appreciated. Is there any way i can find out where the problem is coming from because i want to know what it RMA if its a hardware issue.



Run FurMark, Unigen, or MSI Kombuster - really any intesne GPU benchmark or stress test. If the GPU artifacts then, it's a hardware problem. I, personally, use FurMark.

I didnt see any artifacts. Should now just wait until the next driver update and test again?


What test did you run and for how long? And have you tried the drivers that come with the GPU? This is one of the few instances where the driver CD is actually a good thing.

I ran the furmark 1080p test for about 5 min and i did try the drivers but 320.49 driver crashes less

I also get some directX error when trying to play BF3

5 minutes is barely enough to warm up the card, much less stress it. Run FurMark for at least 30 min, and keep an eye on it. My GTX 570 artifacts like crazy, but it doesn't do so in the first 5 min in Furmark. usually after 15 minutes.

On that same GTX 570, this is what BF looked like after an hour of gameplay

ok will do