GTX 770 2016 benchmarks vs the newest cards Review

Really cool article for 2 reasons. One it is a "feel good" article. Wow we have such awesome cheap stuff compared to 2013. For a while the 770 has been a "standard" gpu with which to compare cpu's at anandtech. It also puts things in perspective IMHO. Article has a lot of newer games that were not around in 2013.
Second reason is if you have a nice 1080 monitor you may decide you don't need to replace a 770 with a 1070 but something cheaper.
Or you may decide your 770 still kicks it and you'll wait for the 1170 or 1270:)

What I really like about these two benchmarks is you get a sense of how the new gpu's seem to thrive when running the new game engines coming out. It also highlights just how important what your favorite game is when choosing when to upgrade and what to buy.
I love how the reviewer incorporated the Vulken numbers into the first benchmark and seeing the importance of it.
What's missing from this review? I would have liked to see a follow up review with an older cheaper cpu like an 8350 or 4690k. There is some discussion of how the silicon has changed too which I liked.

So its about half as fast as a 1080 in GTA... Cool.

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What about the 4 Gb variant of the 770? I have one in one of my builds and it still does a pretty good job even with new titles.

Fantastic! Good to know that my GPUs are old, but still provides enough to keep me happy.

Great to see my little 270x only a few frames behind a 1050 (especially considering it was sparring with a 750 at launch)

270X is still a monster. People praise 750Ti, but 270X blow it away in every game. 460, 370, 950, all those are just side grades. Even downgrade, compared to something like Toxic 270X...
If only it had Freesync...