GTX 760 vs GTX 660

so im treating myself to a graphics card for finishing my exams but which one should i get?

i can get a 660 for about £140 and a 760 for about £180. is the performance boost large enough so that it is worth spending the extra £40? oh and both come with watchdogs :3

Yes it is worth the extra quid. The 760 while it does not stomp on the 660 specs wise it has a few notable improvements. The most prevelant of which is the higher memory bandwidth speed 192.3 GB/s vs the 660's 144.2 GB/s.  You also have a wider BUS on the 760 with 256 bit instead of the 660's 192 bit. At stock in synthetics your getting 5003 score in Passmark with the 760 and only 4119 on the 660. And lastly you get 8 more render output processors and a slightly higher texture rate(94.1 GTexel/s vs 78.4 GTexel) 

All that said the 760 should clearly be the winner here. As a side note I would go with a 4GB model if your going to try and use a high refresh rate or 1440p monitor.

Here's a few benchmarks if you wish you wish to compare them.

Thanks. i don't use a 1440p monitor but i do play skyrim with ALOT of mods, would it worth getting the 4GB card for that?

3dmark 11 P9706

Here's what my overclocked 760 4GB is doing