Gtx 760 or 770?

Which one to buy for 1080p gaming?

Best bang for my buck?

Is the gtx 770 worth the extra cash?

Depends how much you're willing to pay for the extra FPS.  760 is similar to the 670, which was the sweet spot in terms of price:performance last year.  I'd say the 770 is the sweet spot now, but others might disagree.

Best to just stick to the facts:

Well I just ordered this:

It looks like it should perform very well for years.

great choice good luck with it. ☺

Yeah I'm glad I bought it when I did, I just looked at the price and it went up $359

It should be here tomorrow!

Well that is the exact graphics card that I have and I can tell you it is awesome.

770 is the sweet spot at the moment but the 780 after the price drop is also a very good option if you can save a bit more money.

I have a 660ti, and it is great. I would say that is was more a sweet spot than 670. 

For 1080p, the 760 is the better buy, but I would recommend looking for a 660ti. Microcenter had Gigabyte windforce's for $150 and EVGA dual fan's for $200. You can find brand new 660ti's for under $200 on Ebay.

You can try a $200 best offer on this one:

The Asus and MSI versions have the greatest overclockability. All 660ti's SLI like a beast. You can do a 760, but I would go with a 660ti. 

That said, best Buy had a 770 with the stock cooler (like a Titan's)