GTX 680 2GB or 4GB?

I'm unsure whether I will need the extra RAM or not when getting my 1st graphics card so i'm asking if I will need the extra ram?

I'm planning on running i5 3570k on a 24" 120hz monitor 1080p (potentially 3D) and use games such as skyrim, far cry 3 etc. 

obviously the 4GB versions are more expensive so i need to know what would you guys recommend? I imagine get the 4GB for use of 3D.

Thanks guys.

The extra RAM only really helps when pushing bigger resolutions. 3D will just stress the core and other stuff. I'd go with the 2GB version

Oh right thanks a lot bchampion I honestly thought the 3D pulled from the graphics card. In that case would it be better to get the 3770k with the saving or would the i5 still be fine?

I just bough a 4GB just coz you never know, for example you win a high res monitor or find a boat load of cash in a wallet but mainly because I managed to find one cheaper than a 2gb card

i've got my eye out with the January sales and such so if I can find the 4GB obviously no brainer this is assuming i can't because i've suddenly got a tighter budget

The extra power used for 3D gaming does come from your graphics card (not the memory of the graphics card) and will almost halve your framrates. It's just remdering twice the amount of images than normal 2D, one from a slightly different viewpoint to get a different effect. As long as your monitor is 3D compatible, you wont need to upgrade the CPU

Here's what I would do: step down to an overclocked GTX 670 4gb and save $100.

+1 to this 670 and 680 are almost alike and you can save some money, sweet sweet moneh.


*edit here some benches for you Save the moneh, get a 670.