Gtx 670 vs Radeon 7950

Is the Radeon 7950 better than the GTX 670? Im looking to do a $1000 rig with either a 7950 or im gonna save a little bit more for a MSI GTX 770. Is this how AMD lines up to Nvidia:   GTX 660=7850  660 TI=7870  670=7950  680=7970  690=7990?

They trade blows. I know for a fact that Nvidia cards run better in my favourite gaming series : Total War. However, the 7950 is better than the 670 overall. I think the 7950 will make a solid investment, it has been known to beat the 680 in high resolution. The 7950 has a higher amount of Vram and it is hugely overclockable, and you cannot forget the amazing games bundle. Though, the 770 would be my personal preference.

Im looking to build a rig that's gonna last 2-4 years without any upgrades would the 7950 last 2-4 years?

At 1080p? The 7950 would definitely last 2-3 years. Mayyyybe 4, depending on how games develop.

You going with the 770?

Out of what he stated, I would get the 770. I'm going with a 780, just to be a badass. But, I have intentioned to SLI that. 780 offers more upgrade paths than going 770 SLI, for me

Damn ACX cooled 780 is hard to find. I want an MSI Lightning version lol.

ACX can only be pre-ordered in the UK, as far as I can tell. I guess they were not rushing those things to fill vendors inventories.

Check it out:


I'm pretty sure that 2 came in today on Newegg and they were sold out within a minute lol.

You can't even get that 780 in the U.S...

Don't think any country has it. Probably floating around in space... longest PCB eveeeeeer

Lmao, I'm trying to order my parts tomorrow, this shit better be in stock. Amazon literally says: "usually ships in 1 to 2 months."

Thank you for reminding me that I have an Amazon Prime membership. Cheap GTX 780s for meeeee. With free shipping. I'm still waiting on Haswell news and then I'll order.

It may be cheap, but it won't be in stock lmao.

Just bought my EVGA 780, it arrives Monday, and I got it cheap. Just like my PB278Q ;)

How much did it cost?

£540. The 780 is going from £560-630

I just ordered all my stuff, found the 780 on NCIX.

You in competition with me, boi? Why have you ordered early? Socket 2011 took your favour over Haswell? I think I'm just going to go with the Haswell i5. I can still use it for videos, if wanted to do that. And I don't have to worry about i7 vs 3820.

If I have problems with my system over its forecast lifetime and use. I'll just upgrade sooner.

I wouldn't get a 600 series card at all. I made the mistake of getting a 680, and while I got a pretty fantastic one from the silicon lottery, they did voltage lock all 600 series cards at 1.21V, so overclocking stuck no matter what card you get, unless you volt mod, or use a highly custom BIOS on a high-end card like a 680 Lightning. The 7950 competes with the 670 very well, plus the 3GB frame buffer is really beneficial for longevity's sake.