GTX 670 vs HD 7970 for Editing

I am a gamer and an editor. I'd say about 60/40 percent. Ive heard Logan talk about Nvidia's cuda cores and how they will benefit Adobe editing programs, which I use. But, is it that big of a difference? Im deciding to either get:

a MSI GTX 670 PE


a Sapphire Radeon 7970

They are the same price and i will overclock the 7970 and maybe the 670 as well, but i am just wondering which to get and if the cuda cores of the 670 will outweigh the 7970's perks. Thanks


(My system specs are on my profile)


id go with the radeon since you have a amd cpu and they typically work good together but i saw u have a 6950 are you willing to give that away or sell that for SUPER cheap im building by first pc soon

i mean i can prob offer $40 maybe $50

If your using an Adobe product, get the 670 as it will improve render times no end with the cuda processors. Though the AMD card is cheaper. Down to you.

If you can, go with the 670.  No joke, CUDA cores make a world of a difference when it comes to rendering.  Here on campus we have 2 computers with Nvidia cards and the rest have AMD (stupid staff doesn't know shit about anything so they got all AMD stuff), everyone is always fighting for the Nvidia ones because they render in a fraction of the time the AMD ones do.