GTX 670 Performance lost

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First sorry for my bad english!!!

So i build myself a gaming Pc a month ago and everything worked perfeckt. Until this day. Yesterday i buyed FarCry 3 and with Ultra settings and everything i had 55-65 FPS. But today i started the game again and got only 20fps. So i tested other games and i don`t know but i think i lost 5-10 FPS in Battlefield 3 too.<br />I don`t know if its a Problem of the Game or the GPU.

Thanks for the Help.

Its more than likley another compnent in your computer like if you have one of those god aweful WD green drives then that might be it I had the same sorts of problem but it could also be drivers if you updated your videocard drivers before or to a beta version they may be buggy so try re installing drivers and optimising your hard drive that helped me !

did you dl the newest beta driver? 310.64

also in nvidia settings under power management mode make sure its set to prefer max performance.


@jdm_twicht Thanks. Know the game runs much better, 35-40 FPS. I think i need to wait for more patches or something.
@WAFFLETIME Why YES!! I got an 1 TB WD green. Does this really effect the GPU? 

Yeah the WD green gave me huge fps drops 

And I knew imidatley that it was a green drive they are terrible they are ment fot just cheap mass storage not as a boot drive for anything I had the same problem a 670 2600k and a WD green the problem was the green replaced it with a black and runs so much better 

Okey. I planned to buy a bigger one. I will see if its better :) thanks