GTX 660 Ti, Which one?!?

Hi all,

in the motherboard section I put up my current PC Build Sheet and you can planely see that I am interested in getting a Nvidia GTX 660Ti, but after much research I can tell that there is no real winner in terms of spec.

However I have had experience with graphic cards that heat is a problem, so I would prefer a model with excellent cooling. Perhaps the MSI Power Edition GTX 660 Ti.

Any thoughts you have would be greatly appreciated.


Yours Sincerely Treeman13

ASUS Direct CU II and MSI Power/HAWK/Lightning Edition are based on custom made PCBs. They throw very high quality components on the card to ensure more stability over the reference design. Plus they have a nice "dust proof" cooler on them :)

Yeah, I'd go with an MSI card. The Twin Frozr coolers they throw on them are excellent, and they don't take up 3 slots like the ASUS cards do.

Thanks m8, I was seriously pulling toward the MSI anyway, they seem to cool the card better and still give great OC results.


Yeah, I personally have a couple of MSI's cards, and they're amazing. I'll never buy any of their motherboards again, but I love their video cards.