GTX 650 ti or HD 7770?

Say wich one is beter or give me a better solution??


(it's for gaming)

probably the 7770....

A 650ti is more powerful card. Costs a bit more than the 7770. I would save an extra 20 bucks and get a 7850, you are getting way better bang to buck then those cards.

yeah, 7850 will outperform a 650ti....



Hmm.... Maybe it's a good idea :D

The 7770 overcloks better than the gtx 550TI. So I would go with the the 7770. I think there is an XFX one on newegg now for $109 after the rebates.

Hope this helps



I would have to say scrap up the $20 and go for a 7850 it OCs awesomely, its not going to become outdated nearly as fast and is just nicer for higher resolutions.

the GTX 650 ti is a more powerful card but it cannot run in sli no Matter what ur mobo is.. 7770s can run in cf depending on Ur motherboard.

For the purpose of future upgradeability I'd grab a 7770 now and get another later.