Gtx 650 ti boost vs radeon 7790

Which one of these are better for gaming. I am asking because I going to play 1080p gaming at at least 30 fps ultra any game. I don't want anti aliasing on cause my PC would burn to death with that. 


From what I remember that 650 Ti BOOST beats out the 7790 most of the time and competes more with the 7850 so I'd say go for the 650 Ti BOOST.

Okay seriously Nvidia why the fuck couldn't you have just called it the GTX 655?!

Because we like long names. :D

Yeah, 650 ti Boost all the way. 

GTX 650 Ti boost is better. It has a 192 bit memory interface. High than the 128 on the 7790. But for 1080p I would not recommend a card with anything less than 2 GB of frame buffer now. If you get a Boost with it. It will run at least 160. For 20 bucks more you can get a GTX 660.