GTX 580 wont display video on my HDTV

i have a gtx 580 with a mini HDMI to HDMI cable and a 32' toshiba power tv. when i plug in the hdmi from the motherboard i do get video but not when i connect from the GPU... keep in mind that i just built this system and it still doesnt have a software on it. please help me resolve this issue. thanks in advance

do you have the drivers for the 580 installed?

By it doesn't have a software on it do you mean an OS? or no Nvidia drivers?

I was able to boot into UEFI with my 680, despite there being no OS, drivers, etc. Is the 580 plugged up with the PCIe power cables?


ofcourse not. like i said i didnt install windows yet


yes and its fans do spin but i get no video signal from it on my HDTV

i want a solution guys

that would probably be why it's not showing anything.

but how do i install the drivers if i cant even connect it ? 

when i plug in the hdmi from the motherboard i do get video


you answered yourself

yes but i didnt buy a $300 gpu to use video on my mobo...

You have been given a solution, you just dont like it, so you dont wanna follow it. Install windows, install nvidia drivers, set the gpu to the correct resolution to your tv. If you dont wanna do it the right way, stop complainging.


Is the TV powered on?

very funny...

complainging ?  waw. anyways im gona try that

Came back to this thread, found lawls. Hope you got it figured out artiseven.