GTX 570 SLI vs GTX 6 Series?

If you have sli 570's will it compare to a single 680 or 670? I was wondering because i was planning on either buying a second GPU and saving some money or getting a 6 series? 


Any help would be much apprecaited :)


SLI 570's are just a little ahead of a 680.

But a 680 is so close and can be faster, plus a 680 will 'feel' faster or smoother as its one card and you will have no stuter (which even if you think you cant notice, is always there with SLI/CF and not as smooth as one card at the same fps)


Also more stable performance with a 680, and obviosly less heat/noise/power


Another thing to constider is what games you play, and if you may well be Vram limited, also thinking about later on this year with new games coming out.


I am in the same situation as you with one 570, Vram is becoming limited and I perfer one card rather than two even if its lower fps, its just smoother, plus some games dont support SLI very well, or a few not atall.

I'm waiting for the 670 which is very close to the 680, hopefully its a good price.


I had a 7970, but one of the main games I play (BFBC2) was absolute sh!t and had like 40% gpu usage on multiplayer, other than that it was a beast (plus I prefer AMD's colour pallet and IQ)

But I have also invested in 3D vision so am sticking to Nvidia, was a big AMD fan but a number ofd games I play had low GPU usage and I didnt want to wait for drivers

I'm in the same boat but i have 2 GTX 570's in SLI and wanted to know if i should upgrade to 1 GTX 670 or just wait?