GTX 560 Rising in Temperature at Idle

I've noticed my GPU is becoming rather hot as of late. Usually when I play games now, I've seen it reach 92°C and actually crashed upon playing game earlier.
Now though, my temperatures are slowly creeping up when i'm just sat on the desktop or browsing the web. Right now, i'm looking at 63° and rising.
The card is getting pretty old now and my case isn't exactly optimized for cooling, but I've never seen it this bad. I've tried cleaning the card out (removing dust) and even performed a Malware scan and still no luck. I have no idea what could be causing my card to get this hot. Any ideas out there?
I've pretty much exhausted all other options :P

It's pretty old card. Maybe you should try replacing thermal paste. It gets old over time.

Make sure that your case is still bringing in some air and exhausting some air. I have a hunch that its your case fans maybe not cycling air in and out rather then the gpu not cooling as well. If you still do have good air flow, then I would replace the gpu thermal paste. I might run with the case door open and see if your gpu temps still rise. That way with the case door open you have a guarantee that fresh air is getting in so you can test the gpu without that factor at random.

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Look at dust build up and replace the thermal compound on the card. Also make sure that the gpu fans are actually working. When you say idle do you mean nothing running or you are looking at an actual graphed workload of the card eg make sure it's not actually working hard due to some hidden crypto miner in something like utorrent or some other malicious software using gpu cycles. Also how hot is it running?

A defective PSU may contribute to the issue; not enough power or inconsistent power delivery.