GTX 560 Direct CUII

My old system had a GTX 560 Direct CUII in it and I was wondering how much I can probably get for it on Craigslist or something. I had used it for only a year and it is a decent enough card, my processor was bottlenecking the hell out of it though, I had a Q6600.

Thanks for any one that can help me out. Tell me if I need to give any more information on it :P


Really? I was hoping for a bit more, guess I'll wait for a second opinion ^_^

if your cpu was bottlenecking it upgrading the gpu is only going to make the bottleneck worse, that is unless you've upgraded your cpu recently.

it would seem you can buy a new 560 DCU II for just under $200 you might be able to sell it used for 50% of that.

ALSO when and if you sell it. please clean/blow it out, I read too many horror storys about people buying nasty dusty electronics. :P

Shoot for $100, see if anyone bites. It does have a "fancy" Asus cooler and branding.


Yeah I've cleaned it out. I upgraded everything in my system as well so I don't have that bottlenecking problem, so now I have a few old parts lying around and I need some money so I'm selling off the GPU. Alright well thanks so it looks like I can get $60-$100 off of it.


Glad to help!