GTX 280x2 Is Comeing


This is the pic thats around the net.

lololooll amazing photoshop skills to whoever made that


this isnt fake lmao...

lol that thing looks massive

lol actually he cuda done abetter job, u can see the line where the board is slanted lol

No one would give away a 2000w power supply

it's the other way around, no one would give away an intense vid card with a 2000w powersupply

It's going to be a dual board again.

ya know gx2 280 does sound kinda lame

lol lol lol I love it. I do not think there is a case around that you could fit this in!

8/10 for effort though he he.

Lol, only 1 6-pin and 1 8-pin power connector.

2000w o.O

Aiight, our circuit breakers break at 15amps. now no the math!

2000W Divided by 120V [our outlet] = 16.6amps . . . Your Done For...

Besides, that wont fit it any case. This Aiint reall. NO GX2 CARDZ LOOK LIEK THAT.

If u know ANYTHING at all, Nvidia GX2's use 2 boardz. Unlike ATI which uses 1 board with 2 gpu's.

It is finished ..

LOL! We all know it's not real. Stop being so serious.

Why so serious?



i lol'ed

i lol'ed hard

i LMAO'ed

i thank you ^_^

BUT IMAGINE THE AWESOME, DUAL PCB, THREE SLOT COOLER, 1000W power consumption crysis 30 inch monitor ultra megalomax vista viva powerthirst high settings crysis 287 fps average 159 fps min high 467 fps, ahh imagine my brothers imagine the awesome!

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