GTX 1080ti for $660

I’m not 100% sure if this is the right spot for this and sorry in advance if it’s not but just wanted to share this.
You can get the aorus gtx 1080 ti extreme edition on massdrop for $660 no tax and free shipping right now.


Checks out, too bad I neither need one or can afford to spend that ATM.

Well, damn… I have no money and no need for one. Pretty good deal. Wonder how many will sell, and if there is a cap on the total amount available.

I got lucky I ordered that exact model from Amazon but it got sent back today because it ups said refused delivery even though it was to an amazon locker but then I saw this on massdrop so got it there instead. Only downside is ships on September 18th.

yeah, massdrop items often take a ridiculous amount of time to ship, Wouldn’t be surprised if the next generation of nvidia cards is announced by the time this arrives for you.

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It says the deal is over already…

That was quick.

Wow just went on saw it said it had limited availability. I must’ve been one of the last ones to join.

Kicking myself for not picking up a couple of PNY XLR8’s for <$500 with some dell coupon stacking(some months ago) :frowning:

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