Gtx 1080 required specs

Hi guys, ive been looking at the new gtx 1080 and i really would like to upgrade my current card to it sometime soon however I still am not sure on how it would work with AMD CPUs and Intel CPUs and whether certain CPUs would bottleneck the performance of the 1080.

I was wondering if anyone could look at my specs and advise me on what I would need to upgrade in order to have the best gaming experience with the 1080.

My specs:

CPU - AMD FX(tm)- 6300 six-core processor ~3.5GHz
Card - Sapphire AMD R9 290 TRI-X OC
MB- AS rock AMD RX881/760G

I'm still a bit new to it all as i built this PC only last year so any help or advice is greatly appreciated !


If the game's CPU dependant, your CPU will be the bottleneck (e.g. ARMA III). Basically, any game that runs really slow on your 290 is going to run slow on a 1080.

So I'm really looking forward to battlefield 1 and No mans sky and such and i really want to play on ultra graphics. What CPU would you recommend me upgrading too ?

I wouldn't advise upgrading to an 8-core part on that motherboard, because the VRMs couldn't handle it. The upgrade wouldn't really help in badly optimised games, either.

The best thing you could do would be to upgrade to an Intel setup (Haswell i5 or better), or wait for AMD's new CPUs to come out later this year.

If you are going to spend 700$ on a GPU, i would rather advise you to upgrade your entire system. I am not entirely sure, that you even use 100% of your current card with this CPU, but let's say you do...

A 1080 makes no sense in that system. But lets get one question out the way first:

What resolution are you gaming on?

What resolution, and, or will you use EyeFinity/Nvidia Surround? If It's above 1080p, and you are using EyeFinity/Surround then upgrading to modern CPU would be the first upgrade I'd go for first. I suggest waiting for Zen if you do decide the CPU route.

Im on a 1920 x 1080 on a ASUS MX279. I know the motherboard was below par for the 1080 as well as the CPU so i wanted to know what you guys would suggest to upgrade too !

That is a 1080p 60Hz display.
I would strongly suggest looking for an AMD RX 480 in a few weeks.
It looks like it will be a lot faster than your card and more than enough to power a 1080p panel at 60Hz in any game.
And that card is gonna be 200-250,-.

Upgrade your monitor or buy a used 980 ti and get a fx 8350 to keep things cheap. Or if you want to go balls to the wall, get a gtx 1080 and a 2k display with an i7 4790k.

Why do you want to upgrade your system in the first place?

Is it not performing up to spec?

Your CPU seems to be the bigger issue here if that is the case. If you just want to have the latest tech who am I to judge since it's not my money... But, I would strongly advise upgrading your monitor if you are going to get a 1080 since it's quite overkill for 1080p at 60Hz.

I concur with this statement. You'll in essence be throwing money away with a 1080 when you can max out the monitor with a card that's $500 cheaper. Not to mention your CPU, while not bad, isn't up to the task of handling a 1080 in gaming (i.e. a bottleneck).

In short, upgrade your CPU and monitor before thinking about a 1080. I'd recommend a recent i5 and a high refresh rate 1440p display for a smooth gaming experience. Or you could get a high refresh rate 4k display and set yourself up for the future, but lose some of the performance you'd see at 1440p.