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GTFO: Work Together or Die Together

Man, I can’t believe I missed the release of this. I’ve had this game on my WishList for a VERY long time.

This game is loosely similar to Alien Isolation meets Left 4 Dead. Not really, just drawing vague comparisons to give you an idea. The video by IGN was fantastic and really sums up what a good gameplay experience is like. It gets really interesting around the 6:30 mark (the action for this part kicks in around 8:00 if you don’t wanna see the prep phase).

No matchmaking, you have to join with others willingly. The benefit of this is that there aren’t any stupid ass, punk ass, bitch ass, troll ass, toxic fuckboi ass douchebags fucking up your experience.

With the exception of Skyrim and Deus Ex: Human Revolution, I don’t think I’ve ever waited over a year for a game before lmao.

Highly recommend checking it out if you like teamwork, stealth, horror, and puzzles.


Damn this looks fun.

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Yeah man, I’ve wanted a game like this for a long time.