GTAV Arrrrrggghhhhh!

Is it just me or is everyone buzzing for GTAV, its only a few days now!

What platform are you purchasing it for?

If they dont release it for PC IM GONNA KILL SOMEBODY

Nvidia supposedly revealed that they are releasing GTA5 for PC.

That's why you're excited then lol. The rest of us will have to wait. But, I'm anticipating Rome 2 and Fifa 14 a little more.

Ill have it on 360 when it comes out.

I'm a GTA die hard, Sep 17th is the day I live for!


Now all i have to wait for:

Mirror's Edge 2

Battlefield 4 Premium

Total War:Rome 2

Star Wars Battlefront 3

Forgot about Battlefront. And it isn't totally confirmed for PC, Nvidia said it is so, nobody else has.

Isn't totally confirmed!? DONT TELL ME THAT BRO!!!!!!!!!!!

What did you just say about it not being confirmed? >.< I will destroy you! 


or am i?

It probally will come to PC, eventually.

Another bad port, perhaps

I'm sure they'll put the effort in for such an epic title.

I guess GTA 4 wasn't epic enough.

GTA IV was lacking compared to San Andreas, If you ask me IV was actually a step backwards.

If I wounded you to the point that would kill a mortal, would that count as having killed you? And hey Cino ;)

I preferred GTA4 in some ways. I probably enjoyed Vice City more, and GTA3 was epic at the time.