GTA IV running slow


i recently picked up gta iv for my pc (see my profile for details) but the framerate is horrendous (13-30 fps).

But  during gaming both my cpu and gpu are only running at 50% load... Also on my Hd 7970 ge i installed the latest beta driver.

Is this problem due to GTA IV being a shitty port? I tried everything, from disabling windows log, to writing a bunch of things in the commandline.txt in my gta iv folder but theres really no improvement...

I got a bunch of mods installed like iceenhancer or car replacements, but i really dont think this matters is the load on my pc during the game hasn't increased.

I also installed a mod that gives you supposedly better fps... Am i missing something obvious? Btw my gta is 


Well generally speaking GTA IV was a very terrible port hence the reason why your getting crap frame rates. But maybe rolling back to the latest stable drivers.


From what i know GTA loves CPU cores and fast RAM but i assume that is not the problem. I would try removeing the mods and useing a non bata driver. I also know that alot of people who run AMD cards have problem's so if you have an NV card laying around you may want to try it.

I played it fine with my [email protected] and 8gb 1600mhz ram with a 6870.  I was using the 13.4 drivers and In the game setting I set every thing to high not very high and put the draw distance to about 75 and I was getting like 40 fps at the low end no problems.

Yes, it's a poor port, if you really want GTA like game, look for alternatives or just wait for GTA V. Please Rockstar, don't fuck this up.

I got a bunch of mods installed like iceenhancer or car replacements, but i really dont think this matters 

GTA IV is a pretty poor port anyways, but adding iceenhancer really slows it down even more. Remove that your problems will go. The reason the game doesnt show any more hardware utilization with the mods installed, is all due to the fact that it is a poor port and doesn't adapt to more powerful systems.

im gonna try the latest non-beta driver and post my results ;)

so i did a full driver wipe and installed the latest non-beta drivers, but still not much of an improvement... man f this game! san andreas was better anyways :D