GTA 5 PC Delayed Again

Link to Rockstars own news page about it.

Now I will leave and let you tear the place apart. I will be back later with Popcorn.

ahah , waited so long already. i can wait some more. 30 person multiplayer? pretty awesome.

Dammit Bob!  I told you to turn LEFT!  LEFT if we wanted to make the the release date on time.

GTA V was meh. Don't care.

Major bummer, now it is in the same time frame as Witcher.  May just buy it for PS4. 

I did not know about the 30 player multiplayer, look forward to playing it with some fellow Tek Syndicaters.

I loved it. Playing Wasteland 2 now and it is a lil too deep for me.  GTA is nice and mindless

I'll for sure buy it on PC also, I just don't have the patience and not much is out at the moment.

I'm playing through it on my buddys PS4, its decent. I want PC version for the mods. I can wait. 

Fine, more time to save up my cash.

You know, I am kind of torn up by this. On one hand, I want the game to be the best it could possibly be and not have a shitty port, but on the other hand, it took Rockstar a year and 6 months to develop the PC version.

The thing that pisses me off is two things: one, the complete silence that Rockstar shows to PC gamers when we all ask "Where is GTA V on PC? We want this. Give us an honest answer." Took them from September 2013 to June 2014 to give us an answer. I hate their lack of transparency as it doesn't give me a lot of confidence to the developers.

The second part that pisses me off is that they have gained a shitload of money just from releasing the game on consoles (hell they had money beforehand) and you are telling me for some reason they don't have a dedicated team or resources to make the PC version? Unbelievable.

GTA IV was released 8 months after the console and the port was horrible. I don't know how lazy or incompetent they were at that time, so seeing GTA V delayed is reminding me of that.

All in all, it is not like GTA V is going to change my life and I don't need it now. I can totally wait two months and I much rather have a PERFECTLY WORKING GAME THAN A BUSTED PIECE OF SHIT!  Witcher 3 is doing the same thing. There better be mod support for this game just so I have a ton of replay-ability.

Maybe they just remembered to put some real work on the keyboard & mouse controls, this time. ;-)

While GTA V would be nice to have, ArmA 3 currently takes up pretty much all of my time (with a few forays into Neverwinter MMO, Heroes and Generals, and Survarium to break the cycle from time to time.)

I have spent abut 345 hours on ArmA 3 so far. That is not much compared to my ArmA 2 hours being 1044 Hours. Still, being able to stand tall among a veritable sea of under-powered consoles and show that GTA V is better on PC would be nice at some point.

I'm kind off disappointed that now i have to wait 2 months, but if the game is very optimized then its fine. It just one of the disadvantages of pc to consoles(1 year and 7 months seriously rockstar). Although i have gta 5 on my ps3 and the only thing i want to try out is first person mode. 

Two sides to this

A) "Y U No release Game NOW"......... followed by bitching on multiple forums about how the game was rushed and a buggy broken mess ahem *cough GTA IV, anything Ubisoft, EA cough*

B) "Hmmm, I've waited this long. I can wait ONE WHOLE EXTRA FRIGGIN MONTH for native 4K, native Eyefinity support and a general well rounded more polished game


it launches around pillars of eternity so I will probably be skipping it for a while. not that it really matters. The games going to be best played like a year after release once modders have had some time with the editor.

So you hope.