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Gsync GPU's and Linux Using Freesync Monitors (Gsync Compatible)

How many folks have seen this? I have a linux OS, AMD cpu and Nvidia GPU and a freesync panel thats Gsync compatible. I got this hardware to work well in Windows, after some searching about freesync flickering and a solution. But can this work in PopOS? Any help would be greatly appreciated. PopOs runs Star Citizen just fine, and was one of two reasons why I was stuck with Windows. Used to be that SC wasnt running in Linux and my DAW wont work well enough with Linux or AMD cpu’s, though I admit the Zen3 cpu family changed that latency for live performance, AMD is no longer a bottleneck for my DAW. What is, is the OS. My DAW simply will not work with Linux. So that said, I screapped the DAW projects to an older machine.

TLDR: I would like to get this PopOS install working well with my 1080ftw running SC with Gysync. Is this possible? I had installed CRU and found temp solutions in Windows but the flickering was still present. What removed that flickering was a specific Driver that was studio released. Not sure if I can install that specific driver in PopOS?