Grub issues after trying to install Fedora 28

Long story short, Im installing fedora 28 on a windows 10 tablet, installed it left it to run, came back couple hours later and its on the grub command line. I followed some how to guides on google to no avail. Its very possible im just making some very easy beginner error so any thoughts and comments would be appreciated.

Chances are the UEFI is hard coded to look for a “windows boot manager” in the EFI partition.

Rename the grub partition to “windows boot manager” and disable secure boot and then it should work.

I’m just spit balling, so wait for some other replies just in case before doing what I say. I just said this, because this is a common issue from what I have experienced in the past.

Seems like the uefi already started grub if he’s in the grub CLI.

If you hold shift after power up will it bring you to grub menu?

no it wouldnt.

Whats the tablet model?

winbook tw800, microcenter special.

As @Dynamic_Gravity suggested secure boot should be off if that’s an option.
If left on you can usually complete an installation but changes to uefi will be reverted on reboot.

I did have it off, how ever I am unable to get to bios at this point either. the system just boots right to grub.