Green screen when waking from suspend (AMD GPU)

Hi all,

Quick specs: Ryzen 5 2600, RX 5700, 16gb ram - running fedora 33 (5.8.17-300.fc33)

My issue is that, when waking from suspend, I get a green screen on one of my two monitors. To resolve I need to press the reset button on my PC.

Another related issue is that if I wait 5 minutes for the blank screen timeout on the login screen after boot, key presses or mouse wiggle do not wake up the monitors on standby. Keyboard caps lock light won’t change either.

here is the output of journalctl --catalog --boot=-1

I’ve been looking around for solutions to this problem but all the related problems I have seen have Nvidia gpus.


This is a kernel crash, I have seen similar crashes before. Three options:

  1. report it to LKML or #radeon on IRC, and be ready to compile and try vanilla kernels if the kernel devs ask you to test a fix.
  2. report to the Redhat Bugzilla, but they will most likely never even respond to you (happened to me every time in the last few years, it’s not like the old days any more)
  3. live with it, and hope it will get fixed in a few months (so far that has been my experience). In the mean time you could try your luck with upstream vanilla kernels.
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