Green Screen of Death with no text?

So here is the issue i am having, I have already done a Full windows wipe and reinstall to figure out the issue and its still there. I am hoping someone has some insight on whats been going on lately.

When i game it seems after some time i get a Green screen with no text and the PC sound just loops (lock up or freezing) and i have to power off the pc and reboot. Below is what i am running. Is it a enclosure issue or a GPU issue?

Razer Blade Stealth early 2020.

  • Intel(R) Core™ i7-1065G7 CPU @ 1.30GHz, 1498 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s)
  • 16gb ram
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Ti with Max-Q Design

Razer Core X Chroma w/ AMD 6600XT.

I was going to replace the 6600xt with my old gpu (980ti) and see if is the 6600xt is bad in some way.

I had a similar issue once with my old R9 270X.
It’s a driver issue. Wipe out the drivers and move to a different version.
If that doesn’t work you may have faulty GPU…

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thanks what do i use to wipe the drivers? with the 6600xt being so new there isn’t a lot of options for drivers.

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My guess is DDU still works with it.
Google DDU, I think it’s Direct Driver Uninstaller.

I think AMD released a new drivers a few days ago so you may want to try those.
Every now and then they release a massive driver pack where they focus on stability, so I would just power through with regular driver updates untill I either find a solid driver version that doesn’t crash or reach the big release… I think I am running 2018 drivers… Rock solid…

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Just did that, lets see if this happens again.

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as its an amd gpu you may want to check your HPET settings and enable it.
for some reason amd gpu’s prefer it enabled and will cause random colour screen lockups and audio loop (if sound is playing at the time of the crash) if its disabled.
you should be able to find settings for it in eufi/bios, either as HPET or high precision event timer.

this solved my issue with the same kind of crashes i was getting with my old hd5780.

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I’ll take a look at this. I recently changed hdmi cords and it hasn’t happened since. I’m also changing out my TV for my monitor to make sure it doesn’t happen as I read it’s possibly a problem. So far hdmi has done it.

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