Great Hacking forum

Found this from browsing r/netsec
Uses the same forum software as us too!

Those of us interested, should show them some love.

I’ve tried signing up but can’t seem to get the activation email :disappointed:


Thanks for sharing. I've been wary of joining hacking forums. I imagine they attract short tempered kids lacking a moral compass. Maybe I'll put a rubber on my connection when browsing.


24/7 in the modern web

@KenPC I hope we could do something similar here too


I just get a bad gateway?

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Same lol, though my username is available so that's great.

When I was a teenager I was part of a certain, infamous, hacking forum... after a few years, it became cancerous and i had, among many others, to leave. Been looking for a good substitute since then, this looks promising.

for those who dont know how to read that properly LOL... its pronounced ZeroSec..

0x00 is the AVR hex address for the binary number 0