Great German game review/discussion show on YT payed for by German tax-euros: "Game Two"

I’m generally a lurker, but while watching the recent episode of “Game Two” I decided to post it here to give it a little exposure.
It is a show I really enjoy; a real gem!

In particular this (short) sketch motivated me to just post it:
(It is meant as a comment on the fast time to kill in the recently released Battlefield 5)

The show already has decent view numbers (about 220 000 views on their main series with 290 000 abos). They also got recently approved to be continued in 2019.
But I believe that there are still a lot of people (understanding German) who don’t know about it - personally I missed the first 2 years of the show, because I simply did not know it existed.
(Btw: If you live in Germany you have to pay the tax that pays for it anyway :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

I’m also really interested if this show is enjoyable when not understanding German. Meaning: Relying on the automatic translated captions (they are generally decent because there is a manual close caption for German)

Channel “Game Two”

Most recent episode “Battlefield V, Pokémon Let’s Go Evoli & Pikachu, Spyro Reignited Trilogy”

For those who have heard of or watched the predecessor “Game One”: It is the same format with basically the same people.

For those unaware: It is a weekly >30min per episode format. Each episode has about 2 reviews of (recent) games, a short news segment and an opinion piece.

I believe you could compare the reviews to the “angry reviews” of the YT channel AngryJoeShow - but “Game Two” is (in my opinion) better, because…

  • … the sketches are of a higher quality.
  • … the sketches are woven into the review.
  • … there is a new episode every week.
  • … they are not monetized; no ad running at the beginning.

I am really curios what your impression of the show “Game Two” is!

(simplified, hopefully correct) answers to possible questions about the aforementioned tax:

  • Basically every household in Germany has to pay it (about 20$ per month)

  • You pay for the so called “öffentlich-rechtliche Rundfunk” (word by word translation: public legal broadcast), which includes radio, television and online education, information, entertainment and news services.

  • The “öffentlich-rechtliche Rundfunk” is pretty much independent of the government.

  • I included the tax for two reasons: I believe it will drive more clicks :stuck_out_tongue: and I think it is a nice fun fact.


show is bad, GIGA in the old days was better.

i hate the reichsfunkproganda money you HAVE to pay without even having a tv.

It is a matter of fairness. Everyone pays, everyone can use it.

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That is like Joueur du Grenier (in French) but about recent games instead of retro game. IMO, after having watch a bit I prefer Joueur du grenier as it’s more humoristic and funny. Plus with time the channel focused more on the sketches than on the review/rant of the game, and it’s just pure comedy.

I will take a look at the shows, I will need to use subtitles though, my German is very poor.

I am not sure why some of the comments in this thread have been flagged. They are a liitle off topic but I think the content is relevant enough and worthy of L1T’s since it is very relevant to how content creators recieve funding. There is similar debate in the UK as the BBC recieve funds from a licence that you have to jump through hoops to avoid paying, and the traditional TV companies (BBC included) are now starting to demand that their shows should be given prioritised listing on new digital platforms over home/casual creators.

Maybe @datMaffin could ask the leaders to split the off topic commnets into their own thread if people want to debate the merits of a creator taxation to fund content production so this thread can stay on topic?

I remember the first Game One on MTV. This was my childhood for anything video games related in a time where I didn’t had internet. Getting and experiencing Fallout 3 was because of them.
I follow Rocketbeans from time to time. The best show they did was Pen & Paper. They introduced me to the whole analog role playing and D&D. Kino+ is also a very interesting movie review format.

On the subject of Tax at least in our country you can say to them to sod of with their monthly 14 EUR for TV and Radio. You just need to state that you don’t have a TV or just simply don’t watch. It’s there for people to not go crazy if they don’t want it. I thought Austria and Germany has something similar.

Sorry to derail. But I have opinions raised in the op and title that have been expanded on within

Ireland also has a TV license fee that applies to radio too. It is used solely to fund RTE the state broadcaster. I personally do jot watch TV but there is one in the house. I do not.listen to RTE radio but do listen to other channels. No one but RTE gets the money and they are a shambles of a company propped up by the state.

If the argument is better quality content because of the money given then those not being funded are doing leagues better of a job. I and many others here feel this is stealing and RTE should be let fail as they would do if not for life support.

The thing is now you also have to pay the TV license if you have a bumb PC monitor with no tuner capabilities. Whis is causing considerable resistance in the younger generation who simply don’t have TVs or Radios and feel RTE should be shut down.

I have no idea why the posts are flagged above, they raise very valid points and are not off base or offensive.

I agree, it sounds like RTE have a similar setup and laws to enforce it as the BBC (only recently did it change so you can no longer be jailed for watching TV without a licence).

What I will say is that by the time I have setup Patreon paymnets for a few $£€ to several content creators the £11 per month BBC TV licence fee actually starts to seem reasonable given the quality of some of the journalism, documentaries and radio shows that the it produces. It just seems very unfair that a single corporation gets £3.7 billion (2016 figure) and also produces a lot of terrible programmes as well. I then get zero chioce and have to privately contribute to Youtubers etc whose content is excellent and yet produced on a shoestring budget.

EDIT: Not to mention subscriptions to Netflix etc to get shows that are often way better than BBC produced ones.

And there is the catch, I agree with you about the BBC and their content. We frequently watch the BBC over here but very rarely if ever in recent memory watch the RTE.

I do agree that in comparison it seems very fair of a price. I had thought if that too. Where it is getting annoying is the mentioned paying a TV licence for my PC. I pay for Netflix to see what I want to see and contribute other places and ways too. I do not watch RTE anywhere or listen to them o the radio, I regard them are a water of time, money and effort. They are so grossly out of touch with the country they claim to represent and leech off.

A good example of this that a few might know is the show Father Ted. An Irish comedy, written by Irish people, starring Irish people filmed and based here and very Irish comedy… Bought and produced by Channel 4 in the UK, the RTE would not even entertain it originally but then had tompay to license it back. Same with Moone Boy, all Irish, made by Sky TV UK… There are others too. Instead the RTE put forward programming for old people and the quality is shocking at times, most evidently in things like audio.

It simply has not kept with the times or people of the country and moreso every day is being seen as backward and just a drain on resources that could be much better spent elsewhere.

So in comparison to YouTube’s and patreons yes it is not a lot of money, but for what you get back it is a atrocious waste of money that is punishable by fines jail time for refusing to support.

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